Best iPhone 6 Cases And Cover 2019

If you are looking for back covers for your iPhone 6 device and can’t decide what cover should you buy, you will find this article very helpful. We have listed down almost all the best covers for iPhone 6.

Best iPhone 6 Cases And Cover 2019

Below we have listed down the best cases for your iPhone 8 devices, you will like it.

iPhone 6 Case, OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES (BLACK)

The new case compatible with iPhone 6 and 6s. DOES NOT come with a screen protector. Thin, lightweight 2-piece case provides protection against drops, bumps and shock (port covers block entry of dust and debris). Slides easily in and out of pockets. Includes OtterBox limited lifetime warranty (see website for details) and 100% authentic


  • Commuter Series provides sleek and streamlined protection so your device survives the drops, impacts and bustle of your hectic workday
  • Included adhesive screen protector blocks scratches, scrapes and scuffs from damaging your device’s touchscreen
  • Port plugs lock out dust, dirt and grime so your device stays spotless from pocket to pavement
  • A high-impact polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber interior slipcover provide serious protection while maintaining a slim, pocket-friendly profile.

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